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Every weekday, the population of the nations capital grows by about a third as commuters arrive to work at Washington, D.C., jobs. Many of them have what are called mega-commutes, with hours per day spent in transit. There are plenty of DC commuting options, including large-scale bicycling and creative carpooling, and workplaces often offer help with commuter passes, bike storage, and flexible hours. It all points to one thing, though: Jobs in Washington, D.C., are apparently worth the commute.

The Lobbyist and the Restaurant Worker

At lunchtime, the business of DC takes place in restaurants. Many of the dealmakers have flown in and are staying at DC hotels. This has led to a boom in service industry jobs, to the point where there is a worrisome shortage of workers. The city's other major industries are education and the federal government, healthcare and construction. There is a significant private sector presence serving the federal government in DC as well, providing contracted services and specialized consulting.

Washington, D.C., Jobs With the Federal Government

Most of the federal government's jobs are outside of Washington, D.C., implementing policy and providing government services. The jobs in DC are in high demand, but there are a few secrets: get to know people, don't be afraid to be an intern, attend events, and most of all, realize that there are a lot more jobs in Washington, D.C., with federal contractors (about 7.6 million) than with theitself (about 2 million). If you are a college or university graduate, one more important strategy is using your alumni offices contacts to find connections around town.

Private Sector Starting Points

Leveraging the larger number of private sector opportunities, don't forget that in many positions you'll have a chance to learn how the government works from the inside. If you provide translation services to the State Department, for example, you're going to learn a lot about your clients' work. You'll learn how you might fit in as a government employee, giving you a strong skills advantage when you're considered for a job in that department.

Washington, D.C., jobs can be exciting as you participate in the heart of U.S. government as a federal employee, a government contractor, or a hotel or restaurant worker.

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